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Why us?


We understand that hiring an audiovisual company is a leap of faith and confidence, most people have horror stories of 'technology going wrong!'  We are absolutely committed to getting it right, First Time, Every Time.  All our technicians have years of experience and take great care and pride in delivering a quality service, they are all professionals who have worked in the most high pressure areas of the live events and conference industry.  iAV was actually formed from these experiences, we'd like to think we can do it better!

Our experience and services are not just limited to what you see on this site, we will assist however we can and help you find other companies where required.  If you can imagine it, we can probably find it.

Now that most conference venues & hotels include AV in their conference packages you may not be considering an AV company at all.  It is a tempting idea as you don't have extra costs and everything is in one place.  However, from our experience, these are often poorly set up, if at all.  Microphones either squeal or can't be heard and projectors are often out of focus, have a poor image or don't have any cables.  Technical support is usually not available so when you have a problem syncing your mini display port Mac Air to their 1024 VGA using extended desktop or need to plug your +4 balanced player into their mono Hi-Z PA inputs you'll often be met with a shrug. 

When you consider the wages, catering costs and lost time in assembling a room full of staff away from work or hosting an annual dinner, leaving it to the venue to sort your AV may not be the best value.  We don't mean to disparage these venues at all, it's just our experience of how they can be, after all, it's not their primary business, but it is ours! 

To put it another way, if you're happy with a Hotel/Venue supplying your AV,

would you be happy with an AV Technician doing the Catering?

(We would  have a good try though!)


If you would like to discuss anything or have any questions about AV, we will happily give you as much advice as you wish. Please call, email or use the contact form below which will put you in touch with us directly.


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“We have used iAV now on two different occasions and have been delighted with the service” 

Please just ask if you'd like to contact one of our clients for a reference 

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