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What do I need?


Here's a quick guide for deciding what audiovisual equipment you might need, feel free to call for advice too of course:


'I want to show a Powerpoint Presentation'

At the minimum you need a computer and a screen, you might already have the computer.  You could use a plasma screen for small meetings of up to 20 people or a larger vinyl screen with a projector for a few hundred people depending on size.  

'I want to show a DVD or play a Video from my Computer'

Similar to above, a computer will play a DVD or Movie File and the sound will be heard through the PA system.  If you want to swap between DVD and PowerPoint a few seconds may be needed while the screen is blanked to change between the two.  A Technician can take care of that so it happens at the right time.

'My Powerpoint has got sound in it'

You may need an external speaker to make your laptop louder or a sound connection for the PA system, we have these as standard on every event.

'I need a PA system'

What you need for a PA system will vary on what you need to do, a 2 speaker system is suitable for up to about 150 people for conference type spoken word events and is also suitable for music playback.  You can upgrade to 4 speakers or more depending on the room.  Microphones can either  be lectern or table mounted or Radio mics, which can either be clip on lapel types or hand held.  If you are having live music then a more sophisticated system is required with more microphones, monitors (speakers on stage for the artist to hear) and bigger speakers to handle the dynamic range.  We can provide equipment for all these requirements.

'I want to show the Internet on screen'

In addition to the screen and computer you'd normally have for PowerPoint you need an internet connection nearby.  This might be from the venue or it can be via a phone or internet dongle.  We can provide these for you, please let us know in advance.  These will only work if there is 4G signal available at the venue.  Most venues already have  internet connectivity though.

'I want to show what's happening in another room on screen'

You need a Video Camera in the source room to capture what is happening and a microphone or sound cable from this room to the second room.  You then need a screen to show it on - this could be a Plasma screen or a Projection Screen. 

'I've got an Apple laptop, what do I need?'

Apple laptops have their own type of display connection (to connect to a projector or screen), there are 4 different types of adapter but 2 are quite rare.  iAV Technicians carry the most common types (VGA and HDMI).  If you have an Apple and are due to present somewhere I'd recommend you order an adapter from Apple (about £25) so that wherever you go you are not disappointed.  Venues and many companies won't usually be carrying them. 

'What do I need to display my iPad on the screen?'

Similar to above, you need an iPad to VGA/HDMI adapter and a length of cable long enough from where you want to present to the projector.  We can provide you with an iPad adapter so you can show what's on your iPad on screen, but please let us know in advance.  At extra cost we can also provide an Apple TV system so you can wander around the stage wirelessly and have your iPad projected on the screen.

'How does an Awards Ceremony work?'

For a classic style awards ceremony a la Oscars or Brits you might typically use a set up like a conference package with screen, projection, computer and PA but with a few more lights and maybe a bigger PA.  The classic format involves a main presenter who introduces a guest to announce the runners up and winner, then present the award.  The PowerPoint would usually be a slide to announce the category, the next one to announce the runners up and the third to display the winners name/picture when announced.  Typically there would be some thumping 'walk up' music and flashing / moving lights while the winners come up for their award.  There's often photos and the MC thanks the award presenter and introduces the next category and guest to present it.  Some miss out the runners up and go straight to the winner.  Try not to have more than 8 categories/awards as they can take quite a long time to get through and the audience has usually had enough and start wandering.  We have stocks of music just for awards ceremonies! 

'How does a Twitter feed work?'

A Twitter feed usually involves a screen, computer, internet connection and some software to display the feed.  This isn't ideal as if left unattended the messages may not be what you want to see!  Also, if you're not a Twitter user then you are excluded.  This could be used at a wedding so everyone can share their photos of the day and send messages, or in a conference for giving feedback or asking questions. 

'I want it to look really good'

Our sets our provided in a neutral colour which is enhanced by LED colour uplighters in whichever colour you prefer.  It can be enhanced by adding some graphics to the panels, maybe of your logo, sponsors or message.   We can design and have these made for you if required.  If the room is big, we can add more lights around the room in your colour design, or more lights on the set.   We can also cover the set in practically any colour if you prefer.

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