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Fully Interactive Online meetings  and Live Event Streaming


Zoom calls, Teams Meetings and Google Meets (and the rest!) are the new part of everyday working life but it doesn't have to stop because you're having a live event.  We can hold a Zoom style call within your live event so online participants can view and join in via the big screens when they need to, and have a fully interactive meeting with the hosts in the room and audience.  Alternatively, we can stream your event via Facebook Live, Youtube or your preferred platform so you can hold a fully hybrid event with as many viewers online as you like.  No one has to miss out and the streams are available to view again after the event if you wish.  Have look at the video below for an example.

With a temporary meeting or streaming service setup from us we can make your meeting or presentation look more like a TV style presentation with professional cameras, sound, lighting and green screen effects for any background, all integrated with PowerPoint or Video. 

If you just want to hold an online only event or meeting that looks more professional, we can come to you with a compact setup so you can concentrate on presenting and we will take care of the vision and sound and have a background that suits you.   You could also have a panel of presenters, all with microphones for clear sound.  Monitors in the room will let you see other people in the meeting and invite them to join in when you're ready.  

Ideal if you've got an important message to communicate to your team or important client.  Meetings can be recorded and we can work with all the usual platforms.


Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more or try it out!

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